Year's Best SF 6 (SFBC Edition)

Year's Best SF 6 (SFBC Edition)

Language: English

Pages: 500

ISBN: 0739418564

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Year's Best SF 3

Cuentos breves y extraordinarios

Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales from Great Fiction Writers

Modern Japanese Literature: From 1868 to the Present Day

The Mammoth Book of Great Detective Stories














martyred daughter. Martyred all right: she moved so efficiently, despite the burden, that any onlooker would assume she’d been doing this for years. Robert tried altering his gait slightly, subtly changing the timing of his steps to see if he could make her falter, but Helen adapted instantly. If she knew she was being tested, though, she kept it to herself. Finally he said, “What did you do with the cage?” “I time-reversed it.” Hairs stood up on the back of his neck. Even assuming that she

This had been the hardest point of the whole damn mission to sell, to the House and the public. If we are seen to have killed her for no purpose, we’re all finished. …And now the moment of rendezvous was here. The firefly spark tracked across the blackened surface. The gentle impact came unspectacularly, with a silent turning of digits from negative to positive. There was a small splash of gray dust. And then she could see it, a green fragment of Earth embedded in the hide of the asteroid.

She liked Werner Eastman. He was an old Isis hand, dedicated to his work. A tall man, graying at the temples after at least two juvenation cycles. He was older than Humantown itself, though still young by Terrestrial standards. He had been one of her surrogate fathers. They had drifted apart in recent years. Werner disapproved of her marriage to Gray McInnes. He felt that Gray was taking advantage of her, exploiting the fact of his prior marriage to that other Chaia Martine, the one who had

everything I reveal to you in the utmost confidence.” Stratton met the earl’s gaze directly. “Upon my honor as a gentleman, sir, I shall not divulge anything you relate to me.” “Thank you, Mr. Stratton. Please come this way.” Field-hurst opened a door in the rear wall of the study and they walked down a short hallway. At the end of the hallway was a laboratory; a long, scrupulously clean work-table held a number of stations, each consisting of a microscope and an articulated brass framework of

they couldn’t trust him. The problem was—some six years after recruiting him, with no reason to believe that he had ever breached security in any way— they’d convinced themselves that they could neither continue to employ him, nor safely leave him in peace, until they’d rid him of the trait they’d used to control him in the first place. Robert went through the painful, complicated process of rearranging his body so he could look Quint in the eye. “You know, if it was legal there’d be nothing to

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