Vampires: The Recent Undead

Vampires: The Recent Undead

Paula Guran

Language: English

Pages: 430

ISBN: 1607012545

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The undead are more alive today than ever. Immortal? Indeed! Nothing has sunk its teeth into twenty-first century popular culture as pervasively as the vampire. The fangsters have the freedom to fly across all genres and all mediums - there''s even apps for vamps. Whether roaming into romance, haunting horror, sneaking into science fiction, capering into humor, meandering through mystery - no icon is more versatile than the vampire. Slake your insatiable thirst with the best sanguinary stories of the new millennium: terrifying or tender, deadly or delicious, bad-ass or beneficent, classic or cutting-edge.

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all that we have seen and charted in the last few days, has inspired a celebration amongst the expedition members that equals that which we displayed when leaving Plymouth to begin our voyage. The glad news spread quickly, and within minutes everyone was on deck—some of the men only half-dressed—to catch a glimpse of the spot, on a sheltered bay where the Fortitude will be able to anchor safely. There was an excited babble of voices, and even some impromptu dancing, as the prospect of setting

things wrong, too, but then most of the movies and books do. Vamps don’t have a problem with mirrors (unless they’re ugly and don’t want to look at themselves, I suppose), crosses (unless they’ve got issues with Christianity), or garlic (except who likes to smell it on anybody’s breath?). They don’t have demons riding around inside them (unless they’ve got some kind of satanic inner child), they can’t turn into bats or rats or wolves or mist (I mean, just look at the physics involved, right?) and

she’d become a pod person or a secret monster of some kind. Except not in a bad way. She’s not mean to me, or anyone else that I can see. She’s just . . . weird. And then on my sixteenth birthday, I find out. It’s after the big dinner and presents and everything. I’m lying on my bed, looking up at the ceiling and trying to figure out why I don’t feel different—I mean, turning sixteen’s supposed to be a big deal, right?—when Apples comes in and closes the door behind her. I scoot up so that I’m

he was? The Cowardly Lion? The Scarecrow? Hell, maybe he thought he was Dorothy. “Just like I thought, this is all about the girl. You probably think you’re some knight in shining armor come to save her.” Dad’s smile was sharp enough to cut diamonds. “You know how she sees you? A big, dumb idiot she can put on a leash. Her own pet pit bull. Your innocent little schoolgirl, she’s wearing the Founder’s symbol now. She’s working for the vampires. I sure as hell hope she’s like a porn star in the

to her right, but could not define their fellow traveller for the dense tangle of vegetation that bordered the road. “Can you see that, Laura?” she asked. “What is it?” It could have been a trick of the light, or something silver reflecting the shape of their car. Maybe it was the police. The needle on the speedometer edged up to eighty. They would have to dump the car somewhere soon, if the police were closing in on them. “Keep a look out for a B&B, okay?” She checked in the mirror; Laura’s

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