The Weather Fairies Collection: Seven Magical Books Included! (Rainbow Magic)

The Weather Fairies Collection: Seven Magical Books Included! (Rainbow Magic)

Daisy Meadows

Language: English

Pages: 77

ISBN: 2:00253219

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Age range: 6 - 9 Years


The Weather Fairies: A collection of all seven books in one!

• The Weather Fairies #1: Crystal the Snow Fairy

• The Weather Fairies #2: Abigail the Breeze Fairy

• The Weather Fairies #3: Pearl the Cloud Fairy

• The Weather Fairies #4: Goldie the Sunshine Fairy

• The Weather Fairies #5: Evie the Mist Fairy

• The Weather Fairies #6: Storm the Lightning Fairy

• The Weather Fairies #7: Hayley the Rain Fairy

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Tate. As Kirsty and Rachel got up from the table, Kirsty stared extra-hard at the Twitchings’ heads. She thought she could see wisps of smoke there again, but they were so pale and misty, it was hard to be sure. “Rachel,” Kirsty said quietly as they headed outside, “did you notice anything funny about the Twitchings today?” Rachel looked confused. “What do you mean?” Kirsty told her about the wisps of smoke. “I’m not sure if I really saw them or not,” she finished. “Do you think they could

weather was mixed up— sunny and snowing all at the same time— and Doodle was trying to fix it.” Doodle, the magic weather rooster, had been on Rachel’s mind a lot lately, because she and Kirsty were on an important mission with the Weather Fairies! Every day in Fairyland, the Weather Fairies used Doodle’s magic tail feathers to make the weather. Each of the seven feathers controlled a different kind of weather, and each of the seven Weather Fairies was responsible for working with one specific

Then all the lights went out inside the museum. “Oh, dear, it’s a power outage,” the guide said, sighing, as her tour group gasped. “Follow me, everyone — I think we have some flashlights over here.” Rachel and Kirsty waited until the group had left the room, then went to take a closer look at the fairy display case. Inside was a real, live fairy, glowing with magic — and she was waving frantically at them! “It’s Storm the Lightning Fairy!” cried Rachel, hurrying to open the case. She found a

against the ant house, scattering the ants inside. Kirsty thought her friend had done a great job of escaping the goblin so far, but she knew Rachel couldn’t keep it up forever. She had to think of some way to help! Kirsty racked her brains as she and Storm followed Rachel and the goblin back into the dinosaur room. Suddenly, she spotted a large mirror hanging on one wall. An idea came to her. A crazy idea. A wild idea! But, she thought, it might just work… . Kirsty pointed up at the mirror.

wind died. Kirsty and Rachel could immediately fly properly again. Abigail flew over to join them. “It’s wonderful to have the Breeze Feather back safe and sound!” she said happily. “What about the goblin?” asked Kirsty. Abigail frowned. “Leave him to me!” She pointed the feather at the hot-air balloon. “Wind, blow!” she commanded. An enormous puff of wind rocked the balloon. The goblin hung over the basket. His face looked green. “I feel sick,” he moaned. “You shouldn’t have eaten Twiglet’s

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