The Warning (Animorphs #16)

The Warning (Animorphs #16)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0590494309

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jake has made an amazing discovery: a web site about the Yeerks. Should the Animorphs investigate? If they do, they might walk right into a trap. And if they don't, they'll never know if they're fighting their enemies alone. (Digest) .

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and tough enough to bust into that place without getting shot up. But I have an idea. How far are we from The Gardens?> Chapter 18 I flew as fast as my falcon body could carry me, which was pretty fast. But the wind was against me. I tried to tell myself it would all work out because on the way back the wind would be with me. But who can tell with the wind? I left Marco and Cassie behind to keep an eye on things. I gave them instructions to do nothing. I didn't want us to get back and find

cookies? Excuse me?" Marco rolled his eyes. "You really need to think about joining up with this century, Cassie. A cookie is a Web browser tag that can give a Web site some information about you. Not you, you. But your screen name." "I disabled it," I said, with a wink for Cassie. "Disabled cookies," she said with a derisive snort. "Computer nerds have this ridiculous need to make up stupid terms for everything. All they want to do is make normal people feel . . ." She went on about it for a

"Rachel, I don't even know which I am anymore." Chapter 26 I guess someone eventually told Rachel and Ax what had happened. It wasn't me. I got home and went up to my room and just stared at nothing for a long time. My mom called me to dinner and I mumbled my way through. And then I went out in the backyard and sat on my rusted-out old swing set from when I was four and I stared at the sky as it turned dark. The stars came out and man, I hated them. They weren't beautiful, they were deadly.

a liver and spleen and kidneys were re-formed to make the infinitely more primitive guts of a fly. My bones were weakening so that my still-mostly-human legs were getting wobbly, turning to overcooked spaghetti. At this point I was about the size of a small dog. I had fly legs but no wings. I had human eyes and massive fly mouth parts. Tobias was a similar mess. And that's when the guy who had to go bad reached over the stall door and undid the lock. The door opened. There wasn't anything I

what?> We all considered that description for a moment. Marco yelled. I said, stifling the urge to laugh. We all considered this new information for a moment. Marco said,

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