The Unknown (Animorphs, Book 14)

The Unknown (Animorphs, Book 14)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 66

ISBN: 0590665413

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There's a new rumor in town. Someone has discovered an item that proves life on other planets exists. And they've been hiding it on a base called Zone 91. The Most Secret Place On Earth.

Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax already know about life on other planets. Too well. They also realize the Yeerks will try to access Zone 91 to find out if what's there will threaten their mission. So the Animorphs decide to pay Zone 91 and the Yeerks a little visit. But what they discover is not at all what they expect . . .

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and I ran. I ran and ran and ran without even thinking about stopping. Tobias lifted me up from the ground, and I was still running with my four good roach legs. Marco seemed to think the entire thing was hysterically funny, of course. He laughed for the next ten straight minutes as Tobias flew us away from Zone 91. And while Marco laughed, Tobias apologized for dropping me. Tobias set us down outside the boundaries of the secret base. We demorphed in a gully formed by a small stream. "Are

sees things other people sometimes miss. He is very smart and very wide awake, if you know what I mean. Marco is Jake's best friend. They've been best friends forever. No one even remembers when it started. But ever since their friendship began, they've been arguing with each other about the most completely idiotic things in the universe: whether you should use more pedal or higher gears to win this dumb driving video game they love; whether Spiderman could beat Batman; whether basketball takes

Jake likes me - as in likes - and he's the smartest, strongest, most balanced person I've ever met. Except maybe for my parents, who are cool but in a parental way. So anyway, I guess the lack of a decent wardrobe hasn't set me back too much. One way you can judge a person is by looking at their friends . . . and their enemies. I have wonderful friends. And terrible enemies. I have the kind of enemies that no normal, short, fashion-impaired animal nut should have. Earth is being invaded. It

That should be about enough." "What did Rachel pay you?" He grinned. "Two bucks. Girls are such idiots sometimes. I'd have done it for a dollar." Chapter 6 We met up at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. I quickly doled out the meds to the caged patients. It was a slow week. Half the cages were empty, which is totally unusual. "You ready?" Rachel asked. "Just have to check this opossum's bandage. Good. The stitches are holding. Good boy," I said to the opossum with the mangled paw. "Okay.

looked out through the open hayloft. I looked with osprey eyes. It's as if humans are blind. I saw my dad's truck coming down the dirt road to our farm. I saw through the windshield. I saw his face. I saw the individual hairs on his head. If a fly had landed on his nose right then, I'd have been able to see its antennae twitch. My dad was still two hundred yards away. Then I lifted my gaze toward the rectangle of blue and white sky. I opened my wings, launched myself forward, swooped out

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