The Suspicion (Animorphs, Book 24)

The Suspicion (Animorphs, Book 24)

K. A. Applegate

Language: English

Pages: 58

ISBN: 2:00280507

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a few little problems. A few very little problems. Actually, the problems call themselves Helmacrons. They're less than an inch tall, and they're pretty upset at Cassie. They believe she stole their ship. Cassie thought it was just a toy, and gave it to charity. Now the Helmacrons want it back.

So the Animorphs and Ax have a new dilemma. Because the Helmacrons have their own secret weapon: They can shrink other beings down to their size. And, if they don't get their ship back soon, everyone on the planet is in for a little surprise . . .

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minuscule triangle of light. I pushed against other rocks and gradually the opening widened. Suddenly, a face filled the opening. "Oh, there you are," Marco said. He began to dig me out. I stuck my head up out of the dirt. And, like they were nothing, I saw him lifting grains of dirt that should have weighed more than he did. I clambered out and bent down to lift one of the rocks myself. To my shock, I could do it. "This is amazing," I said, holding a boulder the size of a beach ball over my

on the left side of Ax's spider body were cut in two. He fell from the sky like some slow-motion asteroid. The severed legs toppled slowly over, like impossibly tall trees. Jake shouted. We had made a deadly mistake. It was all a question of size. The Helmacrons were laughable when we were big. But down here, at this scale, they were as dangerous as Yeerks. Chapter 15 "Neep! Neep! Neep!" A triumphant cry went up from the Helmacrons. A spoken cry, as opposed to their

rushed to and fro around our perch on Chapman's head. There was Jake in his falcon morph, dodging and swerving at incredible speed (although it seemed pretty poky to us), trying to snatch the box from the Helmacrons. There was Ax, back in his own proper, monstrously large Andalite body, his stalk eyes looking like big, green swimming pools. And Rachel, so big it looked like her shaggy bear head must be scraping the stars out of the sky. Human-Controllers ran here and there. I even thought I

absurdly long, pointed head, it was maybe four or four and a half feet long. It stood as tall as a grown man's knees. Not a huge animal. But wonderfully big to all of us. I looked out through keen, anteater eyes and saw a field of vision half-filled by the furred tube that was its mouth. It seemed to stretch out forever. But even though the giant anteater is comical, it is not helpless. I was resting most of my weight on my hind legs. I balanced on my front knuckles, the better to keep my

shrugged and looked at me. I shrugged back. Which brought us to the one other thing we could think of doing: going to Goodwill and finding the "toy" my dad had delivered earlier. We morphed to seagulls and flew there. All except Tobias, who has his own wings. We demorphed and Rachel, Jake, and I went in. We glanced quickly around the shelves and realized the toy we were looking for was not there. I went to the clerk, a college-age guy. "Hi. My dad dropped off some toys about a couple hours

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