The Separation (Animorphs #32)

The Separation (Animorphs #32)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0439070325

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Rachel is falling apart. Literally. Her newest morph has the ability to regenerate its limbs, but when Rachel demorphs, there's a lot more Rachel than before. Two Rachel's, to be exact.

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of the highway. Lights were on in only a small handful of the offices, and no one was in those. I could see that clearly. The building looked empty. And with my predator's eyes I realized something else: There was a missing floor. They supposedly did all kinds of testing and stuff, but all I was seeing were offices with cluttered desks and computer monitors endlessly playing their Mystify Your Mind screen savers. Below ground. That must be where the testing was done. Yeah, now that I looked I

know, one of those trucks where they precariously pile five or six new cars on the ramped trailer? Must be new car models coming to be tested, I thought. The truck was parked at the edge of the parking lot. There was a faint light from inside the cab. The driver was probably inside catching a nap. Maybe he showed up too late for his scheduled drop-off; I didn't know, didn't care. I just cared that the key was probably in that truck. BBBBBRRRRRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGGG! The ringing wasn't stopping! I

Barely. The truck approached a vast, rusty fantasy of steel. A foundry? Where they made steel or something? Maybe. It glowed a deep orange in the night. The truck entered a doorway. Gone from sight! I could eat them. One big bite. The frustration! I felt like I wanted to claw my own brain open. Not working. My brain was not working. Now, what? And then, what? That was easy enough. Down I went. Catch them. Kill them. Yeah, yeah. That soothed me a little. Don't worry

I can't . . . I can't do anything without her. I know she's crazy, but, you know, she makes me be able to be, like, strong and all." "Of course you need me!" I yelled. "I'm me! But you? You're just you!" "Mean Rachel," Jake said. "Without her, you're out of the Animorphs. Period. You can't join the Yeerks. You can't fight them alone. You want to be a warrior? You need to be able to plan, to have a healthy capacity for fear, and, by the way, a sense of duty." "Doody," Nice Rachel said and

worry about." "Shut up," I snapped. "The problem you have is that preliminary testing is about to begin tonight," Erek said. "Just computer simulations and so on, but it may encourage the Yeerks. You should stop them before it gets that far. Which means moving right away. Tonight." "Okay, Erek, thanks. We'll take it from here," Jake said. Erek left. Gratefully, I think. Tobias said.

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