The Secret (Animorphs #9)

The Secret (Animorphs #9)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590997297

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As the Yeerks close in on their hideout, the Animorphs realize that they have no choice but to fight, and Cassie plans to outsmart the enemy with the help of a cool but smelly new morph. Original."

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drive. The truck had ended up a total wreck in a ditch. On the way, we listened to the CD player. That was the only thing my dad liked about the new truck. He was playing some old jazz or something. We reached the spot the highway patrol had told my dad about. We pulled over and put on the hazard lights. "Careful. People drive like maniacs through here," he warned me as we climbed out. Cars were blowing past at seventy miles an hour with their high beams on. The black forest pressed in around

termites . . . they, um, they eliminate their waste. And the soldier termites kind of eat it. I think, judging from the termite Tobias brought us, that we are going to be morphing soldier termites." The three of them were staring at me, looking a little sick. "Well, Ax wanted to know," I said. A light! "Look!" I hissed. "Way off through the woods. That must be on the far side of the compound. The spotlights just went on." We could hear the sounds of human voices yelling. And then, the wild,

that remind you of?" Tobias said. I didn't bother arguing. "Look, I have to morph. There's something I need to do." I sighed. "It's something stupid, all right? There's this mother skunk we have who's injured. She has a litter of kits who are going to die. I think I know where they are, more or less, but I can't get there walking like a human." For a moment Tobias said nothing.

dispose of you myself!> the Visser shrieked. Visser Three just stood there. Just stood there and stared. His stalk eyes drooped a little. he muttered to his Hork-Bajir. "Visser . . ." one Hork-Bajir moaned, clearly reluctant to go back where the smell was even stronger.

different ideas about why we care. I mean, either way, we want to stop this from going on. Right?" He looked at Marco, then at me. I was annoyed with Jake right then. I mean, I understand that he has to consider everyone's ideas equally. But still, it was like he was agreeing with Marco that it didn't matter if the forest was wiped out, as long as we survived. I turned to Rachel for support, but she found something to look at down on the ground. Oh, great, I thought. Even Rachel thinks I'm

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