The Salamander and Other Gothic Tales

The Salamander and Other Gothic Tales

Language: English

Pages: 215

ISBN: 0810110628

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Salamander and Other Gothic Tales contains eight stories by Vladimir Odoevsky (1804-69). These include The Salamander, The Cosmorama, and The Sylph, Odoevsky's three main metaphysical tales. The collection as a whole represents some of the best of Russian Romantic fiction from the first half of the nineteenth century. This is the first English edition of Odoevsky's work to be published since 1965 and six of the tales are here translated for the first time.

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you mean a serf? The body is mine, my own.... - Ye-es. - You can imagine what it’s like for me without a body... could you please help me out with this favour, as soon as possible? - All in good time, sir, but it’s a bit tricky to do this sort of thing, just like that - it’s not a pancake, you know, you can’t just wrap it round your finger. Inquiries have to be made.... If you were to make a small contribu­ tion.... - Oh, please have no doubt about that. Just hand over my body and, by all means,

uncle) is the real Odoevskian figure: a characteristic self-parody in the guise of elderly eccentric and slightly impatient adept in all matters arcane. This type, indeed, anticipates many a psychic doctor to come in subsequent European Gothic fiction. The central character, Yakko the Finn (Peter the Great’s former favourite, now fallen on hard times), is transposed from hero to villain and, with his affirmation that ‘all is permitted to a rich man’, he takes his place in a firm line of Russian

And with these words she gave him a flat-cake made half and half of bark and flour.... Yakko looked at this strange comestible with a mixture of revulsion and pity. - No - he said, - 1 am not hungry; let’s get going to the Pastor. And Elsa ran off, grabbing Yakko by the hand and gnawing ravenously at her flat-cake. Yakko found in the Pastor a kind and educated man. The young man explained to him the strangeness of his position and the Pastor understood him completely. - 1 can help you, - said the

her stove-couch, she would chatter away of an evening to the baker of holy wafers about what was going on in the neighbourhood; but, come morning, and Maria Yegorovna would be laced into her corset, would put on her farthingales and become the complete Dutch girl; she would not speak, would not budge and would only adjust her starched cuffs. Zverev’s son was always away on the march. Also attached to the family were Yevdokim, Zverev’s old servant, and several maids, the main one of whom was

afterwards, as is your wont, you can have a good laugh at me, and at our century, and at our accomplishments. - Just read your potion, - he said and with these words he pulled a book out of his pocket. - What’s that I see? - I exclaimed, - why that’s Brius’ Calendar! So that’s where you draw your wisdom from, esteemed Uncle? You must admit that it’s my turn to laugh. - There is a lot of nonsense in this book, - replied my uncle with a semi-important and semi-mocking expression, - but that is not

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