The Other (Animorphs, No. 40)

The Other (Animorphs, No. 40)

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0439106796

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Everyone thought Visser Three and Ax were the only Andalites on Earth... until now. The Animorphs have discovered two other warriors who have escaped from Ax's Dome ship, and they may be able to help fight the Yeerks! But are they really Andalites, or is this just a cunning trap?

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I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912 (I Survived, Book 1)















tossing the comic book on the table. "The place is too perfect." Rachel leaned in to the conversation. "Sounds like he's overcompensating. Trying too hard. It's understandable. He's got to be scared." "Of who?" Tobias asked. "Us or the Yeerks?" Jake slurped down the rest of his soda. "He wants to meet Ax's prince. I say we pay him a visit." "Not a good idea, man. Look, I'm getting a very bad feeling about this guy. This situation. I'm not reading clear motives. I say we wait before sending

tore open his door. Reached for him. Too slow! The driver slammed on the brakes. The truck stopped moving. I didn't. Chapter 22 Forty feet through the air! WHOOF! I hit the ground. Rolled another twenty. Finally, came to a stop. And not a pretty one, let me tell you. Hurt but alive. Thanked the stars for the helmetlike gorilla skull. SCREEEEEEE! The driver hit the gas! Now he was going to hit the gorilla. Closer! Closer! The grill of the truck loomed. The stench of burning rubber.

isn't natural?> Rachel snapped. Cassie asked, rhetorically. I said. Tobias glared. More weird silence. I, for one, was dying to hear what would happen next.

Ax made a sound that was way close to a snort. I grinned. Folded my arms across my chest. "No, Ax. It wasn't meant to be 'humorous.' What's with you? What's your problem with this guy?" Tobias interrupted, I took a deep breath. Gave my hair a good yank, straight up.

sat at his desk, chatted with some coworkers, ate a donut. Then, Rachel and Cassie went to school. I hung around. At about eleven, Henry got a phone call that seemed to shake him up. Next thing I know, he's hightailing it home. Unless he morphed something really small and took off again, I think he's still in there.> I said. I glided down, closer to the roof of Henry McClellan's ranch house. Closer to the large greenhouse that was attached to

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