The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF

The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF

Language: English

Pages: 417


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Many readers are attracted to science fiction for that singular moment when a story expands your imagination, enabling you to see something in a new light. Not all SF works this way! This volume collects the very best of it that does, with 25 of the finest examples of mind-expanding and awe-inspiring science fiction.The storylines range from a discovery on the Moon that opens up vistas across all time to a moment in which distances across the Earth suddenly increase and people vanish. These are tales to take you from the other side of now to the very end of time from today's top-name contributors including Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds, Robert Silverberg, Gregory Benford and Robert Reed.

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the device had obtained a coherent image and that the relevant data was ready to be committed to the graviton pulse. Fernando issued the command, and a tumbling hourglass symbol appeared on the hood. “Your patterns are on their way home now, Meranda. For the moment you still have a legal existence. Enjoy it while you can.” He’d never said anything that cruel before, and almost as soon as the words were out he regretted them. Taunting the soon-to-be-destroyed had never been his style, and it

her: “But it’s time to spelunk.” “Roger that,” she laughed, grabbed her tightsuit from the ball of clothes in the end of the tent, and started rolling it on. They go on like a pair of pantyhose, except that they are slick on the inside and adjust easily to your form. To her form. I followed suit, and we quickly depressurized and packed. It took Sam an hour to find the cavern inlet vent, and it was just a crack, barely big enough for us to squeeze into. We spent an hour convincing ourselves

honeymoon and they had been “Virginia Woolfing” it ever since. “Damn dried-up stuffed-shirted bastard’s good at it,” she muttered as she wrapped herself around me that night. “It stinks in here, you know?” Then she fell asleep with tears in her eyes. She was desirable, cuddly, and beyond the stretch of my conscience. That morning, when our eyes met and searched each other, I wondered if she had any expectations, and if, in the spirit of friendship, I should offer myself. But I decided not to

its thin composite against billions of tons of rock. Randi vanished forward. “I love you,” she said, “I’ll make it.” “I know you will. Hey, we’re married, okay?” “Just like that?” “By my authority as a man in a desperate position.” “Okay. Married. Two kids. Deal?” “Deal.” “I love you again.” Sam cracked under the pressure, various electronic innards spilling onto the passage floor. I couldn’t see anything beyond him. “Sam?” I asked. Useless question. “Randi?” Nothing. For some strange

for guessing the name of that planet.” “So, if they’re moving backwards, too . . . then that means they’ll destroy us.” The dog barked again somewhere over to our right. “Yep. But if the aliens we just killed were going to do the job, how could the others have done it, too?” “Another planet?” JJ shook his head. “The co-ordinates seemed quite specific . . . as far as I could make out. That’s another problem right there.” “What’s that?” “The diaries are gone. They liquified . . . turned into

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