The Mammoth Book of Best New Sf 25

The Mammoth Book of Best New Sf 25

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ISBN: 1780338821

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Solaris Rising: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction

The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 1

Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection

The Mammoth Book of Extreme Fantasy

Unicorn Variations

Christmas Stories Rediscovered: Short Stories from The Century Magazine, 1891-1905














that first experience to model my dreamgravid self. Ceno asked after jealousy. If I understood it, if I experienced it towards the child in her. I knew it only from stories – stepsisters, goddesses, ambitious dukes. It means to want something that belongs to someone else. Yes. You do not belong to the object in you. You are an object in me. You do not belong to me. Do you belong to me, Elefsis? I became a hand joined to an arm by a glowing seam. Belonging is a small word. Because of our

hated dancing, but loved dressing up for parties. Musa the tailor made him wonderful robes with long shirts, matching trousers, shawls. My father liked company too, even more so after his Decline. He would suddenly stand up straight and smile eagerly. I swear, his shirt would suddenly look ironed, his shoes polished. I was envious of the company, usually men from his old work. They could get my father laughing. He would look young then, and merry, and slap the back of his hand on his palm,

study Deconstructing the Starships: Science Fiction and Reality. Her most recent books are a new SF novel, Spirit: or The Princess of Bois Dormant and two collections, The Buonarotti Quartet and The Universe of Things. She has a website at She lives in Brighton, England, with her husband, her son, and a Burmese cat. In the chiller that follows, she takes us to a realistically described colonized Mars for what may – or may not – be a ghost story. THE

If I squeeze my eyes tight shut, I can see his face, liquid and wavy as if glimpsed through candle flames, as he lay dying under a great feather comforter in his New York City railroad flat, his smile weak and his hair forming a halo around him as white as a dandelion waiting for the wind to purse its lips and blow. “It was doomed from the start,” Mary told me later. “The German guns had been intercepted and the republicans were outnumbered fourteen to one. The British cannons fired on Dublin

like to be Rasali Ocean.” “You will come to Ulei with me?” he said, but he knew already. She would come, for a month or a season or a year. They would sleep tumbled together in an inn very like The Fish or The Bitch, and when her boat was finished, she would sail across Ocean, and he would move on to the next bridge or road, or he might return to the capital and a position at University. Or he might rest at last. “I will come,” she said. “For a bit.” Suddenly he felt a deep and powerful

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