The Lord of the Clans

The Lord of the Clans

Chris Lange

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 1532850336

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Captured by a rival clan, Ariana is chained to a wall and about to be tortured. The Four Kingdoms aren't safe anymore. As if crossing dangerous territories wasn't bad enough, she is now trapped in a cave with her jailers. But they have it all wrong. She isn't a spy, she’s just a healer on her way to her sick aunt. Escape is out of the question, and the legendary Lord of the Clans will believe her or execute her. He's huge, he's powerful and he has the power of life and death over all the tribes. But maybe she has it all wrong.

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“What’s with you, Cameron? Are you trying to kill me now?” He giggled like she used to when something struck her as particularly funny. He might have been robbed of his lordship but, even as a woman of pure magic, he retained the tendency to savour frivolous games. “Oh, don’t be such a stuffed pelt. Here, take this.” With a large grin on his face, he splashed her. She’d seen it coming this time, and her swift response took him by surprise. Drenched by her spattering, he spat water out while

imagined turning into a man someday, even less experiencing the power of such an intimate act. The violent need for domination she’d felt when thrusting her cock into him couldn’t be put into words, but had to be undergone for real. While she reflected on this extraordinary experiment, he stroked her back and kept his mouth close to her face. “And I also understand why you crave my cock so much.” She chortled. They’d ride straight toward a devouring darkness in the morning, yet he still found

I don’t think they’ll ever see the light again unless we do something about it.” She followed him as he took a few steps forward. The ground underneath felt a little spongy and didn’t crunch underfoot. Squinting, as if the simple act would shed light, she realised they were walking on a flat, gray stretch of land with big rocks here and there that appeared as old as time. Then she saw a black line seeming to turn the gray soil into ebony grounds. “Is it a field?” “No. I’d say it’s similar to a

bragging. She was done feeling terrorised since the moment Cameron died in her arms. Now she hankered for the Darkening’s blood. She yearned to hack the evil to pieces. Blade high, muscles tense, she assumed a duelling stance as the figure solidified. “Let’s be done with this.” As you wish. The shape lunged at her and swords clashed with a thunderous ring. As her arm vibrated from the power of the attack, she finally understood why the Mighty Gods, or the Ancients, had allowed the body swap.

fingers made her gasp. She was holding his cock in her hand. His hard cock. Chapter Five His rigid flesh radiated heat, and so did her flushed cheeks. Her hand felt like an independent limb intent on stroking and squeezing the thick shaft that lengthened by the second. As if a blaze ravaged her body, her nipples itched to be rubbed, and the place between her thighs yearned to be fondled. She caught the flow of his regular breathing, in spite of the cacophonous thuds of her heart. Oh,

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