The Journey (Animorphs, No. 42)

The Journey (Animorphs, No. 42)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0439115167

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Helmacrons need more power to escape the earth's atmosphere, so they have returned to demand the morphing cube. When Rachel tries to destroy their ship, the tiny egomaniacs bail - right into Marco's left nostril. And the other Animorphs have to get them out before the little aliens do some real damage.

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shouted. The Helmacron stepped forward. He pulled apart the slice in Marco's stomach. Began to wiggle in through the flaps of skin. Then - SLLLLLUUUSSSH! With an awful sucking sound, he disappeared. Chapter 16 SLLLLLUUUSSSH! Another Helmacron disappeared through the stomach lining. SLLLLLUUUSSSH! Another, gone. SLLLLLUUUSSSH!

challenged?> About a dozen tunnels went up to the left and up to the right. One tunnel seemed to go straight up. Ax said. I told him. Ax said. Thump, thump. And then . . . Click! My brain made one of those sudden leaps. Like two puzzle pieces falling together. Thump, thump. Thump, thump. Louder. Coming

and bugs. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong. Like, about one percent of the time it's not seriously unpleasant. Mostly morphing is a weapon. A weapon in the most desperate battle ever fought by human beings. Here's the deal. Earth is under attack. The planet has been invaded by aliens called Yeerks. These guys aren't into exploring strange new worlds. They're into exploring strange new bodies. They're parasites. Like lice or ringworm. Only intensely worse. In their natural state, Yeerks are

"The Helmacrons," Marco said with an amazed shake of his head. "I can't believe someone hasn't blasted these maniacs out of the universe by now." The Helmacrons are a race of tiny aliens. About a sixteenth of an inch tall, tops. But it's a sixteenth of an inch of egomania. They sound pretty harmless, right? Wrong. They have this shrinking ray. The technology to make you very, very tiny. To bring you down to their size. This makes them both annoying and dangerous.

what the Helmacrons were doing with their tiny energy beams. Cassie shot a nervous look over her shoulder. "My dad doesn't need to see this." "No problem," I said. I grabbed a pitchfork that was leaning up against the wall. "I'll get them." "I'll help." Marco grabbed a ceramic pot. "I'm gonna trap these weirdos like bugs under glass." We moved toward the freezer. The pink-and-aqua truck spun around and raced right between us. Marco pounced. I pounced and jabbed the pitchfork down on top of

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