The Future is Japanese

The Future is Japanese

Language: English

Pages: 365

ISBN: 1421542234

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Original and classic science fiction about Japan from some of the greatest writers in the world.

A web browser that threatens to conquer the world. The longest, loneliest railroad on Earth. A North Korean nuke hitting Tokyo, a hollow asteroid full of automated rice paddies, and a specialist in breaking up “virtual” marriages. And yes, giant robots. These thirteen stories from and about the Land of the Rising Sun run the gamut from fantasy to cyberpunk, and will leave you knowing that the future is Japanese!

-Pat Cadigan
-Toh EnJoe
-Project Itoh
-Hideyuki Kikuchi
-Ken Liu
-David Moles
-Issui Ogawa
-Felicity Savage
-Ekaterina Sedia
-Bruce Sterling
-Rachel Swirsky
-TOBI Hirotaka
-Catherynne M. Valente

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The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 8

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La Couronne et la Lyre. Anthologie de la poèsie grecque ancienne












outcropping. Flat farmland stretched to a line of distant hills. I could just make out the familiar triangle of Fuji-san, the sun still bright on its snowcap. “Are we actually still in your car? Or still in your apartment?” A cold, fresh wind licked at my face. “This isn’t a virtuality,” my guy said. “It’s 2417 AD.” “Oh yeah? Because it looks like an out-of-the-box WORLD set in the Warring States Era.” “Have another look.” He pointed toward the hills. I saw motion along a distant crease in

“What’s the point of this newfound peace if my boys are suffering so badly under it, that’s what I say. This city, this whole country, is still proper messed up. But I’m real glad I could take care of you at least, kid.” The captain’s eyes were gentle, full of fatherly love. Bizarrely, I was reminded of the fat lady back at Brave New World. The generosity of spirit. The unquestioning, unconditional love. All the warmth and human kindness that I’d forgotten how to feel and couldn’t imagine myself

definitely be the day we no longer have time to think about anything. The term cognitive niche is also something the old man dug up from the ancient texts; it is not a new invention. For something to be cognizant of something else is about as natural as for something to eat something else. Living things compete with one another for limited resources. This is the way it is, so that in the daisy chain of edible objects, one finds the most suitable niche of prey species among the many

nations’ territories. I can explain to you Yamato’s inclination for expansion that way.” “Oh?” “Do you know how Yamato—er, not just Yamato, but how many nations other than Kalif expand their territory?” “Can’t say that I do,” said Dewey. “I was born and raised in Kalif.” “Spacefaring people are essentially known as spinners. Yamato is nothing more than one of many nations of spinners.” “What does that mean?” “It’s just like it sounds.” Yutaka made his best attempt to repeat the history

melon, and watercress, and of course there are the peaches. A river flows by the House of Second-Hand Carnelian. It is called the Nobody River. When it winds around to the other side of the house, it is called the Nothingness River. There are some fish in it. Ko catches them with a peach branch. Namazu belches and fish jump into his mouth. On Namazu’s lower lip Yuu copied a Tanuki elegy. 7. Namazu’s whiskers read: In deep snow I regret everything. My testicles are heavy with grief. Because of

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