First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs (Pb))

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ISBN: 0613168895

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Back to Before (Animorphs: Megamorphs, Book 4)

Black Skies (Dan Morgan, Book 3)

Air Battle Force

Day of Deliverance: A Jack Christie Adventure 2



















it hasn't happened yet." "Terrific," you say. "Something to look forward to besides pizza. Nuclear annihilation." "Unless we're in a rip right now," Ax puts in. "A rip within a rip." Jake frowns. "What does that mean?" Ax shrugs. It could be his first shrug, because he looks surprised at the motion. He does it again for practice. "I do not know. I am just guessing. Want some licorice?" He holds a piece out to you, and - FLASH! Chapter 17 The trees soar above your heads. The leaves make a

canopy so dense it blocks out the sky. The heat presses against your skin. "Whoa!" Jake cries. "What's going on?" "Wait," you say. "You mean you know you're here? With me?" "It's the same place," Jake says, spinning around. "Hang on." He darts through the trees, and you and Ax follow. You stop abruptly when Jake does, bumping into him. In a small clearing is a Bug fighter. It is scorched and trashed, as though it had crash-landed. "This is totally freaked," Jake whispers. "I'll say," a

They don't raise their spears. "EspĂ­rito," the leader says. Marco translates. Jake directs. Cassie nods. She holds out her arms as though she is gathering the tribe to her. It is a welcoming gesture. You realize she is telling them not to be afraid. Jake tells her. Cassie bends over and draws the Hork-Bajir in the dust. It's not a great drawing, but the Hork-Bajir are pretty distinctive. "Diablo," the leader

bag lying on the sand. I can't get out! My morph time is up. I think I'm near the volleyball net. Help!> You hear the scrunch of the sand. You see bare brown toes. Cassie's concerned face suddenly looms in your vision. "Is that you?" she whispers. Cassie unzips the tote and casually tucks you under her arm. She strolls up toward the dunes. "Almost there," she murmurs. She climbs over the dunes and sets you down. She looks around. "Okay. Hurry!" You don't need her to tell

dismissive glance. "Catch it. I'll throw it down the shaft." Busted! You can't react, or they'll suspect something. "Wait," Tom says. "I've seen that animal. It's a ferret. Belongs to Humphries. Maybe we shouldn't touch it. Chapman said to take no chances." "All right." The other Controller turns back, already bored with the conversation. You're safe - for now. The elevator indicator lights up the sublevel floor. It's as far down as the parking garage goes. But the Controller hits a series

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