The Final Cut (A Brit in the FBI)

The Final Cut (A Brit in the FBI)

Catherine Coulter, J. T. Ellison

Language: English

Pages: 544

ISBN: 0515154520

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From Catherine Coulter, the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of the FBI Thriller series, and J.T. Ellison, bestselling author and ITW Award winner, comes the first book in a brilliant new international thriller series featuring a new hero: American-born, UK-raised Nicholas Drummond.

Scotland Yard’s new chief inspector Nicholas Drummond is on the first flight to New York when he learns his colleague, Elaine York, the “minder” of the Crown Jewels for the “Jewel of the Lion” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was found murdered. Then the centerpiece of the exhibit, the infamous Koh-i-Noor Diamond, is stolen from the Queen Mother’s crown. Drummond, American-born but raised in the UK, is a dark, dangerous, fast-rising star in the Yard who never backs down. And this case is no exception.  
Special Agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich from Coulter’s bestselling FBI series don’t hesitate to help Drummond find the cunning international thief known as the Fox. Nonstop action and high stakes intensify as the chase gets deadly. The Fox will stop at nothing to deliver the Koh-i-Noor to the man who believes in its deadly prophecy.  Nicholas Drummond, along with his partner, FBI Special Agent Mike Caine, lay it on the line to retrieve the diamond for Queen and country.

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a woman he’d respected, admired, and trusted for three years—and more, he thought, so much more. “It’s Elaine York,” Mike said from behind him, and couldn’t help but compare the woman on the screen to the body she’d stood over three days before. The gray bloated face—no, she wouldn’t remember her like that. She’d remember her like this—studious face, beautiful dark hair, serious eyes. “Yes, let’s see what this is about,” Nicholas said, and hit play. Nicholas, let me answer your first question.

Mulvaney smiled at her, a bitter smile, one filled with shadows and hate. “Yes, where is the diamond?” All pretense gone, Kitsune’s eyes turned hot and dark, and despite himself, Mulvaney took a step back. “You betrayed me! You’re working with him. Why, William? What could I have possibly done to make you hate me so much?” It was as if the dam had burst. Mulvaney yelled at her, “I gave you everything, you faithless bitch! I saved you from the gutter, trained you, taught you endlessly. Damn you,

at her. She fought for her life; they struggled back into the living room. She somehow turned the needle back on him, and he got her gun from her and shot her with it. That didn’t work. The dead guy was big, didn’t look at all helpless. Elaine was only five-foot-six or so; he would have overpowered her in a second. There had to have been a third person involved. A person who murdered them both. She was sure of it. Mike walked backward from the bathroom to the living room, eyeing the overturned

very private, very discreet, has branches in Zurich, Geneva, Luxembourg, and Singapore, and offices in Russia, Hong Kong, and Israel.” He had to stop to catch his breath. “I hope they are as helpful as Monsieur Tivoli at Deutsche Bank.” But he sounded doubtful. They entered the building and asked for the manager. They were shown into a small glass office, and were quickly joined by a tall older woman wearing a sleek black suit. Her strawberry-blond hair was cut in an elegant bob. She didn’t

in the box, and the din died down. The latch clicked shut of its own accord. Then he said, “Without its brothers, it won’t heal me for more than a moment.” Saleem watched him drain of life again and become once more gray and slack and smell of death. “This is only one piece of the original stone. The most secret piece, one no one knows of except the carriers of the stone’s blood. You are a carrier, Saleem, and with my death, it falls to your father, and to you. You must fulfill your destiny,

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