The Discovery (Animorphs #20)

The Discovery (Animorphs #20)

Language: English

Pages: 153

ISBN: 0590496379

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A kid named David has found the blue box Elfangor used to create the Animorphs. Now he knows the secret, and will do anything to become the most powerful Animorph of all.

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BRRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG! The gentle sound of the bell made me leap approximately a foot in the air. "Hey! Can I have it? I mean, it looks cool and all. I could pay you . . . " I began turning my pockets out. Lint balls . . . a very old peppermint Life Saver . . . "I could pay you a dollar and thirty-two cents," I offered lamely, holding out the bill, the coins, and the Life Saver. "Marco, huh?" the kid said. "Yeah. I'm Marco. Nice to meet you." "Even nicer to say good-bye," he said. He

parents are both veterinarians. And she's very into animals, too. In fact, while the rest of us were busy panicking, she was calmly shoving pills down the throat of an enormous swan. "How did that blue box manage to survive?" Rachel demanded. "The Yeerks Draconed Elfangor's fighter till it was dust. We were there. We watched it happen." We all turned to look at Ax. Sometimes Ax doesn't attend meetings. But we needed him here for this one. He was in his own, fabulously strange Andalite body:

Visser Three will make us wish we were dead," David's father said. I looked at David. I saw him sag. I was afraid he'd collapse. "He's coming this way," David said, his voice cracking. "He'll see us." I said in thought-speak. I guess David didn't notice that he hadn't really heard my voice. His father and the other two came closer. And then . . . PAH-LUMP, PAH-LUMP, PAH-LUMP, PAH-LUMP. There came the sound of something running. Something large. I stuck my head out of the

"We need to get this box," I said. "Yep," Jake agreed. "We do." "Before he figures out what it is," Cassie said, speaking up for the first time. "And more important, before the Yeerks discover he has it." I took a good, long look at Cassie. See, there was this little episode with Cassie. She quit the Animorphs because I guess she had problems with some of the stuff we have to do. She came back, of course. But since then I'd felt a little shaky around her. Cassie has way too many morals and

And man, you just don't want to think about your president being a slave of alien invaders. If that happened, the only possible thing we could do would be to kidnap the man and keep him locked up for three days till the Yeerk in his head died from lack of Kandrona rays. Kidnap the President. Off an alien spaceship. And keep him hidden for three days. No problem. It's not like anyone would be looking for him. Only the ENTIRE WORLD. Take it easy,Marco, I told myself. One step at a time. I

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