The Capture (Animorphs, #6)

The Capture (Animorphs, #6)

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0590629824

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Attempting to get more information about the Yeerks, the Human Controllers, Jakes is suddenly taken over by one of the parasitic aliens and becomes one of them, and the Animorphs launch a rescue mission.

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from my throat. "What?" Rachel snapped. "Back off, Ax. You're crazy." Ax said. "This is crazy." The Yeerk tried a disbelieving laugh. "Marco . . . Cassie . . . would you please tell this nut that I am

the wolf body for all the speed and endurance it had. The dark tree trunks were a blur as we ran through the night, followed by the howls of wolves who were not wolves. Then, a smell on the wind. The smell of an other wolf. A male wolf. I said, laughing. The Yeerk stopped running. Ahead, through the trees, a pair of glittering yellow eyes glared at us. Other eyes appeared. Five wolves - five real wolves - waited for us to try to move forward.

work, except for doing surgery. But I'll bet she could do that, too. As for how she looks, well, she's very pretty. Kind of short. She only comes up to my chin, but then, I'm fairly tall. But she's not one of those wimpy-looking short girls, you know? Not all prissy. She's strong-looking. Mostly, when I picture Cassie, I think of her wearing overalls and boots because of working in the barn so much. I guess most guys would say Rachel is prettier. Personally, I don't think of her that way

"Two legs? It is absurd. Surd. Ubsurd. Ubzerd. Not even a tail to help you stay up." Ax was in his human morph. It's a combination of DNA from me, Marco, Rachel, and Cassie. The result is kind of like looking at all of us at once, but in one body. It's really weird. Ax had almost gotten used to having a mouth when he was in his human morph. Almost. He still had a tendency to want to play with sounds, repeating them. Plus, the boy was dangerous when he got around food. The sense of taste was

was a lot of stumbling and slipping. Tobias said.

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