Matthew Reilly

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 0312981260

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Four centuries ago, a precious idol was hidden in the jungles of Peru. To the Incan people, it is still the ultimate symbol of their spirit. To William race, an American linguist enlisted by the U.S. Army to decipher the clues to its location, it's the ultimate symbol of the apocalypse...

Carved from a rare stone not found on Earth, the idol possesses elements more destructive than any nuclear bomb--a virtual planet killer. In the wrong hands it could mean the end of mankind. And whoever possesses the idol, possesses the unfathomable--and cataclysmic--power of the gods...

Now, in the foothills of the Andes, Race's team has arrived--but they're not alone. And soon they'll discover that to penetrate the temple of the idol is to break the first rule of survival.
Because some treasures are meant to stay buried..and forces are ready to kill to keep it that way...

The Lord of the Clans

The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (Animorphs)

The Wanderers

Chasing Ivan




















moved down the bridge. At that very same moment, Renée was moving quickly down the northern cable bridge. She moved with her eyes locked on the closed door at the end of her bridge—watched it with tense anticipation, waiting for it to burst open at any moment. But the door remained resolutely closed. Odilo Ehrhardt peered out from behind one of the windows of the control booth, saw Renée coming down the northern bridge. Out the opposite window, he saw Race mirroring her movement, coming down

lit up. ‘All right,’ she said. ‘Strong signal. Very high frequency resonance. Bearing 270 degrees—due west. Vertical angle is 29 degrees, 58 minutes. Range . . . 793 metres.’ Lauren looked up at the dark rocky mountain face that rose above the trees to the west. It looked like a plateau of some sort. Slanting sheets of rain whipped across its face. ‘It’s somewhere in there,’ she said. ‘Somewhere up in the mountains.’ Nash turned to Scott. ‘Get on the radio to Panama. Tell them that the

office of some kind. He pointed his wand at the closed door— —and his Geiger counter went off the charts. He exchanged a quick look with his partner. Then he pushed open the door, tripping the wire. The explosion that ripped through Colonia Alemania was absolutely devastating. It rocked the world. A pulse of blinding white light shot out laterally in every direction, obliterating everything in its path—whole barns blew out instantly into a billion matchsticks, concrete silos were shattered

folk, peasants. They didn’t know that they were describing a thermonuclear explosion. Back in Vilcafor, Nash ordered the Green Berets to bring the German team’s radio satellite equipment out onto the main street. ‘Let’s see what your people in Chile have got to say,’ he said to Schroeder. Schroeder popped the lid on the portable radio console and began typing something quickly on its all-weather keyboard. Nash, Scott and the Green Berets crowded around him, watching the console’s screen

engineers arrived at the summit of the canyon. For on that day, as they looked down on the canyon beneath them, they saw it.’ ‘What did they see, Uncle?’ ‘They saw a building of some kind—a building made by man—situated on top of the enormous finger of stone.’ Renco cast a worried glance in my direction. ‘I immediately ordered the construction of a rope bridge, and then, accompanied by my engineers, I crossed that bridge and examined the structure on top of it.’ Renco listened in silence.

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