Iron Wolf: A Novel

Iron Wolf: A Novel

Dale Brown

Language: English

Pages: 624

ISBN: 0062262416

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown goes beyond the headlines in this high-tech, high-tension military thriller in which a resurgent Russia enflames sectarian unrest and violence in Ukraine and Poland, setting off a stealth robotic war and escalating an international crisis.

In the spring of 2017, the U.S. economy is rebounding under President Stacy Anne Barbeau, the country’s first female president. But her leadership is about to be severely tested: Russian president Gennadiy Gryzlov has sent Special Troops, disguised as pro-Russian activists, into Ukraine and Moldova. Though NATO is outraged, its response is tepid. Refusing to let Russian aggression go unpunished, former U.S. president Kevin Martindale approaches Polish president Peter Wilk with a radical solution: a counterattack using a covert force of Cybernetic Infantry Device (CID): manned robots.

Underwritten by the wealthy Wilk, Operation Iron Wolf is launched—without the knowledge of the Americans or its NATO partners. The CID’s initial strikes are successful, infuriating Gryzlov and propelling President Barbeau to pledge western help to investigate the attack. With international tensions at the boiling point, Martindale’s secret alliance, supported by the best military technology, is determined to outmaneuver the Russians.

In this battle that will determine the fate of Eastern Europe, just which side will win?

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Brad’s temple. This was his chance to show the president and her entire national security team how you dealt with a whack-job lunatic like Patrick God Almighty McLanahan. He smirked openly. “What are you going to do, shoot me right through your own boy? I know you’re a coldhearted son of a bitch, but is that really how you want to play this?” “I have no intention of shooting you, Lieutenant,” the machine said calmly. “I didn’t think so,” Weber sneered. This was how you played an ace, he thought

image from side to side to search the area . . . . . . and sure enough, they saw another pair of S-300 launchers about a mile farther to the north. “Are those real?” “Hit the radar button again and let’s find out.” Nadia hit the button to take another radar snapshot, and this time the computer had put a yellow box around each launcher. “The computer thinks they’re good. Select that button there on your right screen to select a JSW . . . good, consent switches are up, just waiting for the

called Scion. And to make discreet contact with its owners.” “Yes, sir.” “So, do you have anything to report in this regard?” Wilk asked. She nodded crisply. “Sir, I do.” Unconsciously, she dropped into the parade-rest position, with her hands locked behind her back. “You may stand at ease, Captain,” Wilk told her drily. The hint of a smile flickered across his otherwise troubled face. “As your commander in chief, I promise not to have you charged with insubordination.” Nadia bit down on a

more patience,” Kravchenko said flatly. He shook his head in disgust. “For God’s sake, we’ve lost a single battle, not the whole damned war! And even in losing, we’ve picked up a crucial insight into what makes this Russian leader, Gryzlov, tick.” “Now you claim to see profit in defeat?” the other man asked skeptically. “The Russians reacted exactly as we had hoped to Voronov’s murder, lunging headlong into Polish territory like a maddened bull,” Kravchenko pointed out. “Our mistake was in

pylon; and two clusters of two ADM-160 MALD-Js, or Miniature Air-Launched Decoys, also one on each wing. The JSOWs were a stealthy glide weapon with GPS and inertial navigation with imaging infrared terminal guidance, carrying a breaching warhead designed to penetrate buildings. They were older weapons, produced in the 1990s, and Herres would have preferred to carry the longer-range and more powerful AGM-158 JASSM, or Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile, but Poland currently had a very limited

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