Intimate Kisses: The Poetry of Sexual Pleasure

Intimate Kisses: The Poetry of Sexual Pleasure

Wendy Maltz

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 157731445X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In 1997, sex therapist and marriage counselor Wendy Maltz, author of the Sexual Healing Journey and coauthor of Private Thoughts, compiled Passionate Hearts, an anthology of "poems that inspire and celebrate healthy sexual intimacy; poems in which heart connection was at the core of the sexual experience." In Intimate Kisses, Maltz follows on the success of Passionate Hearts with a new anthology of poetry that continues her celebration of healthy sexuality and, in the process, turns up the heat.

Intimate Kisses revels in what may be life’s greatest mystery, through some of richest, most celebrated poetry ever written. Included in this anthology are 121 poems by such poets as Marge Piercy, Emily Dickenson, Jelaluddin Rumi, Nikki Giovanni, Anne Sexton, Sharon Olds, Octavio Paz, Molly Peacock, Dorianne Laux, Jane Hirshfield, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Galway Kinnell, and W.S. Merwin, as well as dozens of lesser-known and unpublished poets.

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and back again guided by our blood- electric finger tips. I swim in you, you in me until we drift down, slowly settling in anemone of pillowed hair, entangled leg and arm, beneath our tongues a dream of fruit, tide of sunlight inching over the dark planetary coast. roger pfingston HORIZONS Last night your body was a rosebush, The thorn of your love rising and falling. We’ve been together for so long, We curl in an opening in a leaf on the world’s tree. We root where the

future waits neglected up ahead. The past, a silent shadow on a shore; Our perfect presence pulses through our bed, As still air sings the quenched and quiet score. The breath of everything is damp and warm, And nothing needs to know itself at all. The crackling clouds begin to burst then swarm, Across the sky. The drops begin to fall. Soaking us in laughter without measure, Rise, and float away on teeming pleasure. ed l. wier NIGHT OF BLUE STARS You come to me in the sequined

from inside her. I was awestruck by his stunning visual imagery, and asked, “Why didn’t you share this when we were on the air?” He replied, “You know, it would have been easier to say I picture my wife dressed up as a chambermaid or a dominatrix than to admit I have these kinds of thoughts during sex. I’d never live down the ribbing I’d get from the guys at the gym!” Unfortunately, our culture inundates us with a steady stream of commercially contrived and artistically limited images of sex.

The media boil sex down to turn-ons, impulses, immediate gratification, and power plays. Popular erotic images and fantasies promote sex that is dissociated from ordinary life, values, personality, feeling, nature, and a healthy relationship. One has only to enter “sexual fantasy” or “sexual love” on an Internet search engine to find literally thousands of provocative pictures of naked strangers engaged in all sorts of impersonal, degrading, compulsive, and abusive sex. Amid this onslaught of

dream. virginia hamilton adair I WANT TO SING i want to sing a piercing note lazily throwing my legs across the moon my voice carrying all the way over to your pillow i want you i need i swear to loll about the sun and have it smelt me the ionosphere carrying my ashes all the way over to your pillow i want you nikki giovanni I WOKE UP kissing your neck. Was it the storm outside or the storm in my dream made me open my eyes? I lowered my eyes when you looked at me knowing

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