In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization

In the Way of Development: Indigenous Peoples, Life Projects and Globalization

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1842771930

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Authored as a result of a remarkable collaboration between indigenous people's own leaders, other social activists and scholars from a wide range of disciplines, this volume explores what is happening today to indigenous peoples as they are enmeshed, almost inevitably, in the remorseless expansion of the modern economy and development, at the behest of the pressures of the market-place and government. It is particularly timely, given the rise in criticism of free market capitalism generally, as well as of development. The volume seeks to capture the complex, power-laden, often contradictory features of indigenous agency and relationships. It shows how peoples do not just resist or react to the pressures of market and state, but also initiate and sustain "life projects" of their own which embody local history and incorporate plans to improve their social and economic ways of living.

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support by networking with Native rights groups, and challenging Exxon through shareholder resolutions; (2) developing a state-widealliance to educate the non-Indian public about mining, and pass a miningmoratorium law; (3) joining in local alliances with their non-Indian neighbours in the town of Nashville to oppose the mine and develop economicalternatives to mining jobs; and (4) developing tribal regulatory authorityunder the provisions of the federal Clean Water Act. The attitudes of

Mapuche under the legal umbrella of the Internal Security Law. Thislaw, inherited from the military dictatorship, allows the security forces tosearch private residences and to arrest and interrogate any ‘suspicious’ individual without judicial intervention. Once Mapuche protestors were takenaway under this law, no information was given to their families as to theirwhereabouts, intensifying the confusion, fear and hopelessness among theirfamilies and communities.3 Since the Chilean republic was

memberstates of NATO, 187 people died, Russia plunged into a deep economiccrisis, and the president won almost tsar-like powers for himself. Nevermind that Yeltsin, in opposition to the communist Gorbachev, was one ofthe founding members of the democratic party Nash Dom–Rossiia (‘OurHouse is Russia’), by the end of October the outcome of all this upheavalwas enacted in true authoritarian style. Fearing for the continuation ofhis leadership and political survival, Yeltsin called for the

areconfronting each other? My own position is that showing how the terrainis much more than a struggle between two forces, and contesting the veryassumptions that make it necessary to present struggles on these terms, arepart of what life projects do. This is clearly demonstrated in my chapterbelow, where I show how the Yshiro leaders face a discursive field in whichthe struggle is not only against the encroachment of state and capitalistdevelopment but also against the encroachment of projects

on the economic front was comprehensive of gender andkin relations as well, and so their practices focused on wage-earning headsof nuclear families who would provide for their dependants. The missionsought to normalize this nuclear family by re-creating the capitalist divisionof labour among its workers, streaming men and women, boys and girls, intojobs considered gender-appropriate.4 At the core of their enterprises, missionmoney was central to the project of repatterning Cree lives, and serves

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