House of Fear

House of Fear

Language: English

Pages: 208


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jill’s twenty-first birthday is more than just a milestone — it marks the day her life changes forever …

A letter arrives on the morning of her birthday; an invitation to travel to Crag House on the remote Scottish island of Inver to stay with her grandfather, Hamish Campbell.

Jill’s mother died during childbirth, and as her family had never approved of her father, they were both cut off after her death.

As a result Jill had never even known she had a grandfather, so is full of apprehension when she arrives on the island.

But her grandfather seems more than happy to see her, and the estate he owns is beautiful.

It seems he is planning to leave it all to Jill.

But Jill soon meets her surly cousins, Owen and George, who clearly have other plans...

Despite only being step-grandsons to Hamish, Owen and George have known him all their lives, and believe it is their right to inherit.

And it seems they will go to any lengths to achieve what they desire...

As Jill settles in and begins to fall for their handsome neighbour, Robert Cameron, she starts to think she could start a life on the island.

But as the increasingly hostile behaviour of her suspicious cousins reveals a chilling web of deception, she begins to fear for her life.

Who can she trust?

Jill’s whole future hangs in the balance as she is confronted by ghosts of the past, new friendships and love.

‘House of Fear’ is a chilling romantic thriller set in the Scottish countryside.

Phyllis Mallett is the author of several historical and contemporary romances, including ‘Her Searching Heart’, ‘Deadly Inheritance’, ‘Tides of Love’ and ‘The Heart is Torn’.

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