Gunsight (Borderlands, Book 3)

Gunsight (Borderlands, Book 3)

John Shirley

Language: English

Pages: 174

ISBN: B010BG56W4

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mordecai and Daphne have gotten themselves in a tough spot near the highly dangerous town of Gunsight, one of the most remote outposts on the planet Pan­dora, out in the boonies of the boonies of the Borderlands. Daphne has been taken prisoner by Jasper, a local warlord who controls the area around Gunsight . . . except for that other settlement, the former mining town Tumessa. There’s some kind of big secret operation going on in Tumessa—another warlord, a particularly mutated Psycho named Reamus, is somehow making money. And he’s been relent­lessly raiding Gunsight and kidnapping Jasper’s people. Jasper may be scum, but he needs those people for raids on other towns, so it all has to balance out. Mordecai needs to negotiate for Daphne’s release, but now the only way he’ll ever see her alive again is to kill his way into Tumessa, find out what’s going on there, and report back to Jasper—only then will Mordecai get a paycheck and the girl. Mordecai doesn’t want the job, but he is pretty devoted to Daphne . . . and somehow, he just might be able to turn this entire mess to his advantage. . .

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shield—it’d interfere with the camo, for one thing. The sun was sinking, seeming to extinguish in the ashen horizon, and lights were flicking on, all the way up the great mound that was Tumessa. The night wind rustled itself, stretched, and came skirling across the plains with a low moan. Mordecai growled wordlessly, deciding he had to get closer and move in—then stiffened, feeling a warning prickle on the back of his neck. Something was coming. Something . . . from above. Buzzard, maybe. Or a

around it again anyway, peering into it from another angle. Daphne’s body simply wasn’t there, and he couldn’t see any blood on the wreckage. She’d probably jumped clear when the blast hit the outrunner—her reflexes were matchless. And then there were those three dead Crazed Marauders, two shot through the foreheads, one with his neck slashed to the bone. That was Daphne’s work, all right. But she’d come out here into the wastelands in a hurry, chasing him, tunnel-visioned on catching up with

basement again. It was under Jasper’s stronghold and that thing must be attacking Jasper. The stronghold would be destroyed. But a blast of energy shrieked past her and the street exploded into flame up ahead. No place to go but down . . . Into the basement. “We can’t use the turret?” Brick asked, as the arena fighters started toward them. “Not if we want her to keep that gate closed,” Mordecai said. He had the assault rifle; Brick had the Eridian weapon. “And no shields.” “No shields in

brought the gun into play. “Good-bye, gentlemen,” she said, firing from five meters away. She raked the machine pistol’s burst across both men’s foreheads, putting three rounds in one skull and four in the other. The men fell over backward, and she walked up to the technical, climbed into the driver’s seat. “Come on, Fluron! Open the ramp, let’s go!” Fluron glanced over his shoulder, then ran to the technical and climbed in. Daphne drove the armored car out of its parking place and turned it into

Maybe her breed had a little telepathy working for it. Sometimes he thought so. He slowed, braked the outrunner to a stop, and raised his hands over his head. “Mordecai reporting to Jasper!” he shouted. The Marauders stood behind tanklike mobile defensive batteries: squat metal-studded armored vehicles about twenty meters ahead. A couple of Nomads stood with them, he noticed. A cannon muzzle in one of the batteries swung to sight in on him—it looked to Mordecai like a BL2 Plasma cannon. “Hold

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