Gods & Dragons: 8 Fantasy Novels

Gods & Dragons: 8 Fantasy Novels

David Dalglish, Daniel Arenson, C. Greenwood, Megg Jensen, Krista D. Ball, Kevin Harkness

Language: English

Pages: 1684

ISBN: 2:00267917

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

High fantasy at its finest! Demons, goddesses, dragons, outlaws and paladins—find everything you love in a great adventure in this bundle of 8 full-length novels.

Richly drawn characters, bold worlds, magic, betrayal, friendship and hope. If you've ever longed to dare epic deeds of your own, then these stories are for you!

It's a LIMITED EDITION bundle that won't be around long. Each book can stand alone, although many are part of a larger world also waiting to be explored.

This epic read of about 2200 pages with over 200 5-star reviews for the individual books includes:

* MOTH (Moth Saga: Book 1) - Daniel Arenson
* EMPIRES OF MOTH (Moth Saga: Book 2) - Daniel Arenson
* HIDDEN (Dragonlands: Book 1) - Megg Jensen
* MAGIC OF THIEVES (Legends of Dimmingwood: Book 1) - C. Greenwood
* CITY OF DEMONS - Kevin Harkness
* BLAZE (Tranquility: Book 1) - Krista D Ball
* NIGHT OF WOLVES (The Paladins: Book 1) - David Dalglish
* CLASH OF FAITHS (The Paladins: Book 2) - David Dalglish

Stealers' Sky (Thieves' World, Book 12)

Shades in Shadow: An Inheritance Triptych (Inheritance, Book 0.5)

Dangerous Women

The Penguin Book of Spanish Verse (Penguin Poets) (Penguin Classics)















glowing beads surrounded them, and Torin barely knew water from sky, ground from air. Endless night. Endless, cold darkness. And endless death. Every turn or two, they sailed by them—the burning remains of a village, a town, or a humble riverside temple burned down. At every outpost they saw them—the dead. The twisted corpses hung from lantern poles, hundreds of the fallen lining the riverbanks. Their bones coiled like fingernails left to grow too long. Bits of flesh clung to their skulls, the

realize they were bunches of dried plants suspended upside down. The pungent scents of thickleaf and ravenspoison were heavy in the air. There was a low worktable scattered with cracked earthenware pottery and the rotting remnants of more clusters of weeds and leaves. The shed held the bitter smell of decay and I lingered only long enough to determine Brig wasn’t there. Backing out of the building, I pulled the door to and turning away, stumbled over something. A stick of wood? No, it was a

afraid of losing them in the crowd? The usually calm boy’s face was strained and sweating. In his arms, he held a coil of rope and the ragged sheepskin bundle containing the demons’ jewels. Garet swallowed. He slowed his breath and tried to see this anxiety as a thing outside himself, emanating from those two small spheres the younger Bane carried. Ignoring the reactions of the people around him, he concentrated until he could will the jangling of his nerves to stop. They ate a quick meal on the

Dorict replied, ignoring Marick’s chuckles. “They live in Shirath with everyone else. Sometimes, though, in the winter and spring, many loggers and their families live in the woods for weeks at a time, protected by Banes, of course.” The woods surrounded them now, rank upon rank of grey trunks under a deep green canopy. Mandarack roused himself and called a halt for lunch. Leaving their grim cargo in the cart, they sat under the trees. “There is no use in arriving at the Banehall too tired to

musicians raucous. Jesters, dressed in fantastic costumes and wearing masks of distorted human faces and wild beasts, whirled on the stage. Jugglers wove among them. Two of the clowns bumped into each other and staged a mock fight that soon involved all the dancers. The two Banes, hands still clasped and shoulders touching, laughed at their exaggerated actions. “Should we take off our sashes?” Garet asked, remembering the hatred of the merchant who had cursed him in the street. “We’d have to

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