Dark Beyond the Stars

Dark Beyond the Stars

Blair C. Babylon, Annie Bellet, Elle Casey, Ann Christy, Patrice Fitzgerald

Language: English

Pages: 344

ISBN: 1515308383

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Eleven of today's bestselling authors join forces to bring you these tales of action, adventure, and brilliant imagination. From humanity's first contact with alien life, to the challenges of space travel, to colonies established light years from Earth, this anthology celebrates the wide sweep of space opera at its most sublime. There are worlds beyond worlds out there to explore, and millions of stories spinning across the galaxies. So sit back and be transported... ... to the dark beyond the stars.

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Fine-grain avalanche that boosted the local regolith to nearly escape velocity? Improbable. Were the rocks, in fact, left over from a prior ascender visit, and I simply didn’t notice it on previous inspections? Review of my memory stores proves this false. I need more information about the construct. Once the nanite supply is reinvigorated, I upload from the tractor transport, download to my humanoid form, and hike back to the near pole to perform a second inspection. When I arrive, the

head and put it on itself while backing away slowly and politely?” “I think we missed that part.” “What do you mean?” “I mean the recording we’re watching now—all it shows is a bunch of foraging through the vegetation, eating berries, and making almost no sound.” Roark stared at the recorder as though it had the answer. “And have you noticed the hands when you catch a glimpse of them in the shot? They’re weird-looking. I don’t know what happened in the five years after Jane shut down the first

monochromatic to indicate my sentience level of 90 compared to my master’s 1000+. I cannot display an emotional response with skin color, as she can, but I can express pleasure at her arrival along with my transmissions. In what manner can I serve you, Sapphira Elena Hyatt? I query with enthusiasm. She glances around the base, which comprises a small enclosed structure. The insulated walls block the sun’s light and all other sources of radiation. Most of the equipment on Thebe is hardened

the Brahms coming out their violin enraptures even them. They overact for the stage and then tone it down when there’s a camera on them. They produce films of their performances for sale. They have to be able to act. Dancers’ body language is impenetrable, and their facial expressions have to remain serene, as if they’re contemplating God instead of repressing the agony from their broken toes and the bones grinding in their damaged joints. It’s like trying to interrogate a mannequin. But Daveen

views as a more likely cause: a coalition of radical feminists and eco-terrorists. The man notes that many of the attacks were on phallic symbols—his words are accompanied by images of the six tall-pointy things I included in the target list—and that many of the others targets were considered symbols of male oppression. His co-anchor, a female with more hair than I’ve ever seen on a humanoid, seems unconvinced, but she does note that the attack at the amusement area obliterated a statue of

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