Corsets & Clockwork: 13 Steampunk Romances (Mammoth Books)

Corsets & Clockwork: 13 Steampunk Romances (Mammoth Books)

Language: English

Pages: 449


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bestselling romance editor Trisha Telep brings an exciting new element to the fast-growing sub-genre of steampunk, which bends and blends the old and the new in increasingly popular dark urban fantasies. Young heroes and heroines battle evil, in various forms with the help of super-technological or supernatural powers, while falling in and out of love.

Contributors include:

Ann Aguirre a bestselling author who writes urban fantasy (the Corine Solomon series from Roc), romantic science fiction (the Jax series from Ace), apocalyptic paranormal romance (as Ellen Connor, writing with Carrie Lofty, from Penguin), paranormal romantic suspense (as Ava Gray from Berkley), and post-apocalyptic dystopian young adult fiction (Razorland and Wireville coming in 2011 from Feiwel & Friends).

Tessa Gratton, her debut novel Blood Magic arrives in 2011 from Random House Children's Books, followed by the companion Crow Magic in 2012.

Jaclyn Dolamore is the debut author of Magic Under Glass from Bloomsbury USA.

Lesley Livingston is the award-winning author of Wondrous Strange and Darklight, the first two books in the bestselling trilogy from HarperCollins.

Frewin Jones is the bestselling author of the Faerie Path series and the Warrior Princess books, among many others

Caitlin Kittredge is the author of the Iron Codex trilogy, a Lovecraftian steampunk adventure.

Dru Pagliassotti's first novel Clockwork Heart was one of the first in the rising new genre of steampunk romance and was named by Library Journal as one of the five steampunk novels to read in 2009.

Dia Reeves is the debut author of the critically acclaimed YA Bleeding Violet.

Michael Scott is the Irish-born, New York Times bestselling author of the six part epic fantasy series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.

Maria V. Snyder is the New York Times bestselling author of the Study series (Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study) about a young woman forced to become a poison taster.

Tiffany Trent the author of the acclaimed YA dark fantasy series Hallowmere, which was an IndieBound Children's Pick and a New York Public Library Book of the Teen Age 2008.

Kiersten White is the debut author of Paranormalacy, the first book in a new trilogy, which was published by HarperTeen in August of 2010.

Adrienne Kress, is the author of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman and Timothy and the Dragon's Gate.

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cue up to the booth with his hooded lamp. He couldn’t leave. The troupe probably wouldn’t survive his absence long enough for him to exact his bloody vengeance. And besides, his uncle did truly need him to— “Moon!” Quint hissed to himself in a whisper, suddenly having realized that Marjorie had—yet again—forgotten to trip the lever switch that activated a specific mechanism of the scenery apparatus before she’d made her entrance. “She’s forgotten the ruddy moon again …” “Lady!” Honorius

half an ear to the same familiar conversation. It was like listening to one of those old circular songs where one party began and everyone picked up the tune in turn and it just went round and round with no end and no beginning. Often the discussions would chug away into the wee hours, until Quint was forced to drag his uncle out into the street and help him stumble up the steps of the late-run trolley-tram. Always, the topic was the same. The problem with theatre. “Bums in the seats” was the

his gun to bear on Martha, but JW lunged forward and struck the man between the eyes with the heel of his hand, then grabbed his matched pistols from the steward’s belt, pointing one at the steward, and the second at the captain. JW nodded at Martha in admiration. “You’re full of surprises,” he whispered. “You have no idea.” She pressed her gun against the captain’s throat for emphasis. “Now tell your men to hand over the weapons.” “I will not.” “I’ve got two darts in here. Now these are not

anymore.” I reached for his head, digging fingers into his unfashionable long hair, the hair of 1845, and bared my neck for him. “Is it … is it really what you want?” “Yes. Hurry!” “Forgive me,” James said, moving his soft lips to the tender skin of my neck, making me shiver. “This isn’t how I imagined it.” I had imagined it would hurt, to be bitten, but the pain of James’s mouth on my neck was almost sweet compared to the horror of what Dr. Connell had done to me. I still heard shouting and

simulacrum continued, lifting perfectly groomed eyebrows coquettishly. “A love potion? Something for virility? Or perhaps a tonic of forgetfulness.” Wiping his sweating hands down the legs of his trousers, for he was much too nervous to be particular about his behavior, Ever said, “No, I must speak with Titan.” “Oh,” she said, raising perfect hands to her silk-covered bosom, “a great request indeed. I’m afraid Titan does not take sudden visitors lightly or well.” “Nevertheless, I must.”

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