Collected Stories, Volume 4: A Meeting with Medusa

Collected Stories, Volume 4: A Meeting with Medusa

Arthur C. Clarke

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 2:00187428

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the 35 eBook (digital-only) 2012 RosettaBooks releases comprising the complete Arthur C. Clarke Collection.

In leading an expedition through the many-layered Jovian atmosphere in the hydrogen balloon craft Kon-Tiki, Captain Howard Falcon discovers a world where bioluminescent air plankton produce brilliant atmospheric sea-fire, predatory manta-ray creatures dominate the skies, and enormous jellyfish-like beings grow to be over a mile across.

The title story of this fourth collection from one of the genre's most celebrated authors ends with a twist—that leaves the reader questioning what it means to be human. This collection contains some of the author's most acclaimed short fiction, including "Cosmic Casanova" and "Sleeping Beauty"—stories that delight, surprise, and lead readers to ask big questions about humanity's role in the cosmos.

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and report that I had company, I decided to wait for more information. There were only three nations with depth ships that could operate at this level, and I was on excellent terms with all of them. It would never do to be too hasty, and to get myself involved in unnecessary political complications. Though I felt blind without the sonar, I did not wish to advertise my presence, so I reluctantly switched it off and relied on my eyes. Anyone working at this depth would have to use lights, and I’d

plaintively. ‘They’re cold-blooded invertebrates. You’d expect them to dislike heat as much as they object to light.’ That puzzles Joe; but it doesn’t puzzle me. Indeed, I think it’s the key to the whole mystery. Those squids, I’m now certain, are in Trinco Deep for the same reason that there are men at the South Pole—or on the Moon. Pure scientific curiosity has drawn them from their icy home, to investigate this geyser of hot water welling from the sides of the canyon. Here is a strange and

or forty miles an hour. From time to time random eddies would swing them to the right, then the left; often they missed collisions by only a few feet. Once, when they were sweeping scant yards above a ledge thickly covered with snow, Harper was tempted to pull the quick-release that would jettison the Levitator. But that would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire: they might get safely back onto firm ground only to find themselves trapped unknown miles from all possibility of help. Yet

company. Although he welcomed any signs of public interest, he also wanted as much empty sky as he could get. After all, he was the first man in history to navigate a ship three-tenths of a mile long…. So far, this first test flight had gone perfectly; ironically enough, the only problem had been the century-old aircraft carrier Chairman Mao, borrowed from the San Diego Naval Museum for support operations. Only one of Mao’s four nuclear reactors was still operating, and the old battle-wagon’s

appearance before the World Budget Committee, where Senator Ledstone closely questioned him about his opinion of Project Spaceguard. ‘I live on a world which still bears the scars of a thousand meteor impacts, some of them hundreds of kilometers across,’ said Professor Mendoza. ‘Once they were equally common on Earth, but wind and rain—something we don’t have yet on Mars, though we’re working on it!—have worn them away.’ Senator Ledstone: ‘The Spaceguarders are always pointing to signs of

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