Chimera: A Jim Chapel Mission (Jim Chapel Missions)

Chimera: A Jim Chapel Mission (Jim Chapel Missions)

David Wellington

Language: English

Pages: 608

ISBN: 0062248782

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Afghanistan veteran Jim Chapel has been enlisted in a new war, this time in his own backyard . . .

A band of fugitives has escaped from a secret military facility. Each has a target—an innocent civilian—and they will not stop until that target has been eliminated. Wounded Special Forces veteran Jim Chapel has been stuck behind a desk, but now medical technology has finally caught up with Chapel's ambitions, and combined with his unstoppable determination he'll get back to where he thrives: in the thick of the action.

Chapel must hunt down the escapees—all extremely deadly, genetically modified killers—and unravel the mystery behind their existence. Aided by a mysterious woman named Angel and a courageous, beautiful veterinarian, Chapel begins a cross-country hunt to stop the murders. But are the killers really rogues, or are they part of a sinister conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels?

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actions. You’ll be on your own. I want to go on record as saying—no—begging you to reconsider your next move. You have your orders.” “Understood,” he said. He put the phone and the hands-free unit in his pocket. He left the battery in the phone for the moment, just in case. Just in case of what, he couldn’t say. He glanced at Julia, but she was still staring at the door. Ellie had come up to the foyer to see them off. “Stay warm,” she said. “Thank you

and found the box of shells. Half of them were shot packed in red paper. The other half were solid slugs mounted in blue plastic casings. She was right—they would be far more effective against vehicle tires than the shells full of buckshot. He loaded two in the shotgun and nodded at her. “Aim for the right rear tire,” she told him. “That’ll make ’em slew over to the left, into the median. It’s the safest—Jesus!” He looked up to see what had her attention.

I’d like yanked out into the light of day. Assuming I still have a job tomorrow, I promise you’ll have one, too. Oh, and I’ll see about getting you a replacement for that arm of yours. Least we can do, really.” Chapel put a hand over his mouth. He couldn’t help it. He laughed long and hard. WASHINGTON, D.C.: JUNE 5, 14:28 EDT “So it’s official? You’re working for Hollingshead now?” Julia asked “I’m getting a W-2 form and everything,” Chapel for exclusive information on your favorite HarperCollins authors. Also by David Wellington Monster Island Monster Nation Monster Planet 13 Bullets 99 Coffins Vampire Zero 23 Hours 32 Fangs Credits Cover design by Richard L. Aquan Cover photographs: man © by Franck Camhi; background © by Benjamin Harte/Arcangel Copyright This book is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and dialogue are drawn from the

turned around to look behind him. The detainee came at him roaring like an animal, arms outstretched, big fingers reaching for Chapel’s flesh. Chapel rolled out of the way, scrabbling to get his feet underneath him. He dashed into the darkness beyond the pool of light. Instantly he was blind, and he stumbled as his foot caught on a pile of two-by-fours. He went sprawling again, but this time caught himself a little better. He rolled onto his good shoulder, then

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