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I run. I eat. I sleep.

That’s about it.

But I need to make a little money to let me do the first two. I can sleep just about anywhere.

Turns out, a former professional sports photographer I know has a lot of classic shots of road, track, and cross country runners. I had the idea of making them available to people who might enjoy them as much as I do. They are historic, classic, memorable, and most of all inspiring.

I’ve put some of them together into sets of cards, some I’ve printed up as posters, others I’m still thinking about. They’re just what you need to help you run more miles. You can also send them to a friend, if you have one. (If you don’t have a friend, frame them and put them on your wall like my first customer did.)

Ordering is simple. Look through Products page

, and choose from cards, posters, books and t-shirts.

I’ll find the time–in between running, eating, and sleeping–to send you the things you need.